Accurate and Fast Risk Management Insights

Our accurate real-time analytics, extensive historical data and back-testing capabilities equip you to safeguard performance by managing more effectively the risk exposures of individual traders or trading desks in your organization.

Risk Identification

Understand quickly how risk exposures are evolving and devise better strategies for managing them with our advanced analytics.

High quality data history for stress testing and modeling a trade’s performance under different scenarios.

Aggregated Overview

Gain an aggregated overview of risk through our bookrunning analytics.

Assess in real time how risk exposures affect the P&L at an enterprise level down to positions of individual traders or trading desk pods.

Tried and Tested Platform

The tool of choice for derivative markets professionals since 2017.

Fast, accurate and consistent pricing and analytics for better risk management and trade decision-making.

Enable Traders and Trading Desks

We empower you to support traders and trading desks in making better decisions in managing risk. We turn risk managers into enablers in the drive to improve performance.

  • Bookrunning analytics
  • Customizable functionality
  • Intuitive spreadsheet format
  • Instant industry term recognition
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