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Efficiencies in Value Creation

On trading floors there’s a pressing need for cost-effective tools that free up traders to concentrate on generating ideas which create value. PricingMonkey’s platform has been informing decision-making and trade strategies since 2017, enabling better monitoring and supervision of the risk exposures.

Our Solution Highlights

Learn how our platform enhances decision-making processes and risk management to drive trading performance.

Operational Efficiencies

Trusted to deliver fast, accurate and consistent pricing in the most testing of market conditions, organizations switch to PricingMonkey’s intuitive platform because it eliminates repetitive tasks to allow traders to focus on adding value.

Flexible Toolkit

Our cutting edge analytics empower traders to explore, evaluate and collaborate on trade ideas using customizable tools and dashboards. PricingMonkey supports the critical work of risk managers by generating rapid analysis and reports on market exposures of individual traders, trading desks or organizations.

Market Data

PricingMoney connects seamlessly to the live data feeds from a user’s desktop. These are complemented by high-quality historical market data sourced from trusted global providers.

Confidential and Secure

The confidentiality and integrity of our clients’ data are paramount to us. Our platform has rigorous encryption and cybersecurity protocols in place to safeguard commercially sensitive information.

A full-service solution for pricing and analyzing derivatives

Quick-start web-based platform

Seamless trading systems connectivity

Reasonably priced

Most asset classes supported

Best quality data

Trading expert support chat

Designed for collaboration

Highest data security standards

Gaining the Competitive Edge

Join the growing number of companies using PricingMonkey to give them an advantage.

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