Hedge Fund

Tools for Driving Performance

Hedge fund traders demand cutting edge tools to drive performance. They trust our platform’s advanced derivatives pricing and analytical tools to generate ideas and make informed decisions . PricingMonkey’s competitively priced platform provides hedge funds with secure, flexible tools for better trading and risk management.

Solution Highlights

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Customizable Setups

Flexible tools for real-time modeling to give traders the freedom to explore ideas. We designed the platform’s analytics and dashboards for customization and ease of use.

Confidential and Secure

Encryption and cybersecurity protocols preserve data confidentiality and security at all times, ensuring optimal performance. Client security is paramount for us and the platform is under constant review.

Risk Management

Our analytics allow swift and accurate assessments so hedge fund traders and risk managers can identify strengths or vulnerabilities in a trade or a portfolio to preserve performance.

Data Quality

The speed, accuracy and consistency of our platform’s pricing and analytical tools inspire confidence. Pricing Money connects seamlessly to live data sources on a user’s desktop and we source high-quality data from trusted global providers to improve the history required for backtesting ideas.

The platform to create value by generating derivatives trade ideas

Quick-start web-based platform

Seamless trading systems connectivity

Reasonably priced

Most asset classes supported

Best quality data

Trading expert support chat

Designed for collaboration

Highest data security standards

Gaining the Competitive Edge

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