Generating Order Flow

Winning business in a competitive environment requires accurate analytics brokers can trust to gauge the market, reduce errors and generate ideas. PricingMonkey simplifies pricing for the most complex trades. We empower brokers to forge better client relationships and generate orders by quickly sharing proposed trades.

Solution Highlights

Discover how PricingMonkey’s attractively priced platform supports trade creativity and workflows, helping brokerages win more business.

Exchange Trade Ideas

PricingMonkey enables better client relationships. The flexibility of the platform’s spreadsheet interface allows brokers to generate trade ideas for sales outreach. In a few clicks a broker can price a proposed trade and distribute it in chart form or as a shared blotter.

Efficient Workflows

Designed for the demands of trading, the speed, accuracy and consistency of our pricing and analytics are trusted by brokers to support every workflow need. PricingMonkey simplifies onerous processes so brokers can focus on generating value.

Managing Risk

The platform’s accuracy in pricing and analytics allows brokers to backtest proposed trades and reduce the potential for costly errors.

Market Intelligence

Powered by the quality of its live and historical data feeds the platform’s intuitive analytical tools provide brokers with a clear picture of the market for identifying opportunities and risks in trading.

A platform for supporting client outreach

Quick-start web-based platform

Most asset classes supported

Customizable spreadsheet format

Best quality data and precise analytics

Ease of sharing trade ideas

Reasonably priced

Trading expert support chat

Highest data security standards

Gaining the Competitive Edge

Join the growing number of companies using PricingMonkey to give them an advantage.

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