Generate Actionable Market Insights for Client Outreach

PricingMonkey is a comprehensive pricing and analytics platform for generating trade ideas, sharing them with your clients and winning orders.

Ideas Factory

A platform which frees you from time-consuming tasks so you can develop trade ideas for winning more business.

Gauge market conditions and track trade performance with our indicative mid-pricing.

Building Client Relationships

A collaborative tool for engaging with clients easily and quickly

Turn your ideas into charts in a few clicks, then simply cut, paste and share with clients and colleagues.

Simple to Use

Get started right away. Our intuitive spreadsheet interface instantly recognizes any ticker or industry terms you enter.

A powerful system which simplifies pricing of the most complex of multi-leg trades.

Demonstrating Value to Clients

PricingMonkey is your essential toolkit for showcasing trade ideas and engaging your clients to generate order flow.

  • Constant maturity plotting
  • Trading expert support chat
  • Choice of charts in minimal clicks
  • Trade blotter sharing
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