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Trade Insights for Powering Returns

Originating ideas and evaluating trade positions with precision is essential in this performance-critical industry. PricingMonkey’s cutting edge analytics have underpinned decision-making in good and bad times for markets since 2017, enabling asset managers to oversee portfolios with confidence.

Solution Highlights

Discover why asset managers trust PricingMonkey for evaluating trading strategies for risk and performance.

Risk Management

Our platform enables managers to identify strengths and vulnerabilities in a trading portfolio. Its tools allow stress testing positions. Users can generate real-time snapshots of risk exposures and the impact on the trading book’s P&L.

Advanced Analytics

The accuracy of PricingMonkey’s pricing and versatility of our customizable analytics allow users to generate, share and evaluate trading strategies. Our secure platform is designed for collaboration. When ideas turn into trades, managers have the tools at their fingertips to ensure performance stays on track.

Data Quality

PricingMonkey provides high quality historical data from tried and tested global providers to support accurate back-testing and scenario analysis.

Secure and Confidential

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data is paramount for us. The platform integrates robust encryption and cybersecurity protocols to protect your information at all times.

Precision tools for trading performance

Most asset classes supported

Best quality data and precise analytics

Customizable tools for idea generation

Optimized back-testing

Comprehensive risk functionality

Designed for collaboration

Expert support

Exacting data security standards

Gaining the Competitive Edge

Join the growing number of companies using PricingMonkey to give them an advantage.

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